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Hi to all Bride Candidates out there!

Updated: Mar 23

If you have said "Yes!", but don't know what to do next, you have just arrived to the RIGHT DESTINATION!

We have established Grace Bride Partner, because we have been there... Being the "Bride" is not easy, yet you have to enjoy it as much as possible, because hopefully you will experience it only once! :)

We know how hard it is to plan a wedding, especially if you are working full time or planning your wedding overseas. Even if you do not fall within these two categories, you would probably have tough time, because obviously, there is TOO MUCH to do while planning a wedding. For instance, you may probably not know where to start with or do not understand the offers received from vendors (i.e. wedding venues, photographers, orchestra, DJ etc.) or do not know whom to trust. Well, as you have already found us, you don't need to feel overwhelmed any longer, because that's exactly where we step in!

Our aim is to get you ready to your wedding day with peace of mind. Accordingly, we will assist you in all aspects of wedding process including wedding planning, budgeting, bridal styling, coordination and management. We approach all our weddings as a project with utmost care. We enable you to work with reliable vendors based on your style and budget. We manage the relations between you and vendors. Furthermore, we coordinate all vendors, family members and friends on your wedding day. Why? Well that's the topic of another post coming soon:) But, trust us, this is all you need for your big day; you should be busy with enjoying the ride, while we handle the rest :)

Happy Wednesday dears,

Your Grace

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